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A project designed by paddlers & wild swimmers for paddlers & wild swimmers to provide you with all of the information you need in one place in an easy to understand format.

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The app for all recreational water users to help you get out on or in the water safely using quality and reliable content that is added by users and moderated by our team who will go out to marked locations and reported hazards creating a reliable information source. We are passionate about both paddling and wild swimming and are creating this resource to allow you to find all of the information you need in one place and to help remove the worry that out of date unreliable information can bring.
Giving all paddlers and wild swimmers the ability to share their favourite locations you will be able to explore new locations across the world with comments, ratings, pictures and videos helping you decide where to go next. Share your thoughts and experiences with other users helping share important and up to date information.
Providing you the ability to report hazards and litter on your favourite water way to our team who will in turn either directly or indirectly organise a litter pick or an assessment of the hazard. This will help you know which areas have been recently litter picked to allow you to enjoy the water with some prior knowledge as to how much litter there is. You will be able to receive live notifications on your favourite locations when new hazards are reported and when they have been cleared.
Paper guide books are out of date as soon as they reach print but with this resource information is updated as it changes allowing you to plan your next adventure with more confidence. See comments, pictures and videos along with up to date information about access, public transport on a to be routes, live and forecasted river gauges, live water quality gauges and live tide times.

"The resource for paddlers/wild swimmers everywhere to plan, paddle, swim, explore and report"

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Wild Otter is an app built by water users for water users so we want to know what you would like to see included in an app for paddlers and wild swimmers and in return we will give you priority access to the app.

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